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Radio-Canada show creates an emotional reunion for two Bahá’í women of Saguenay

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Montréal, 2 April 2018 (CBNS)

Thanks to a Radio-Canada television series called “Deuxième chance” [Second Chance], two Bahá’í women from Saguenay, originally from Iran, had an emotional reunion with old friends they had not seen for thirty years or so. Through hard-to-believe accounts and reunions, the programme tells stories of immigration, assistance and mutual help, involving ordinary people.

Re-examining reconciliation

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Prof. Jeremy Webber, Dean of Law at the University of Victoria, looked out at a packed room. Government officials, Indigenous and religious leaders, students and academics, and members of the community had gathered for a symposium on reconciliation between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous people of the country.

The event sought to promote greater understanding about a fundamental question relating to reconciliation, raised by Prof. Webber in his opening remarks: “How should we approach engagement with religion and spirituality in the process of reconciliation?”

Baha’is Celebrate Naw-Ruz with Friends and Neighbours

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On March 21st, millions of people across the world will take another step in moving to the rhythms of a new calendar. In Canada, some 35,000 will be celebrating the Baha’i New year, called “Naw-Ruz”, with their friends and neighbours.

Many cultures with Indo-European roots mark the Spring Equinox with ancient traditions associated with the celebration of this time. In the Baha’i calendar, Naw-Ruz marks the beginning of the year.


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