2016 September Deepening: "Play"

Dear Friends,

In this Deepening, we will be discussing "Play" starting from an examination of recent understanding of the importance and scope of play on the human psyche, on an individual as well as social level. We will then follow-up with a discussion on the material presented (a short TEDTaks video on "Play") and relate them to spiritual, human and material concepts. As time permits, we will, hopefully, develop our concepts as it relates to the betterment of humanity and our world.

We encourage you to attend, but if you cannot, please do participate by sending any insights that you may have on the subject matter by the below-mentioned means.  Your participation is always welcome.

Topic: Play
Date:  Sunday September 25th, 2016
Time:  3pm (followed by a fund-raising dinner)
Place: see Calendar or contact bahais@kingston.net
RSVP:  to bahais@kingston.net

Note: If you cannot attend a Deepening, please feel free to post here or forward your comments, suggestions or questions to the Facilitator, Deepening Coordinator or Kingston Baha'is' Secretary(bahais@kingston.net). If you are attending please let us know how many will be coming for the Deepening and/or the fund-raising dinner afterwards through the same means.