Welcome to the Bahá'í Community of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

News from the Bahá'ís of Kingston


Our Saturday gatherings have been changed to Friday evenings!

Every Friday evening at 7 p.m. there are informal chats- an opportunity to share ideas about the world, the human family, or any topic of interest to attendees.

These gatherings are held regularly, so if you are looking for a community activity to support, or have a friend who would like to be introduced to the Faith or learn more about the Baha'i perspective on a subject - this is your opportunity!

Food Bank

The Assembly decided that our service project of donating to the Food Bank in Kingston would be an excellent project to continue throughout the year. You are therefore reminded that if you would like to participate in this project to please bring a donation of a non-perishable food item to each Feast. Donations of toiletry articles are also needed.

Financial contributions are also appreciated.

Donations can be made to our Food Bank coordinator- Bijan Farahani.

Sunrise & Sunset Times - Alá (Loftiness) 170 BE

During the month of Alá (Loftiness), March 2-20, Bahá'ís observe a fasting period from sunrise to sunset as a period of spiritual renewal and regeneration.

Bahá'ís in the Kingston area can find the current day's sunrise and sunset times (calculated for City Hall) in the Daily Almanac sidebar of this site.

Or, if you prefer to print out the entire month's times, they can be found here: Kingston, Ontario, Canada - Sunrise Sunset Calendar March 2014.pdf [17 kB]