Welcome to the Bahá'í Community of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

News from the Bahá'ís of Kingston

Food Bank Community Service Project

Dear Friends,

We remind you of our community service project- donations to the Food Bank- to be delivered at Ayyam-I-Ha.

The need for food bank support is greater than ever. Those of us who have enough to eat have so much to be thankful for; let us be vigilant of this need and try to purchase a non-perishable item each time we do our grocery shopping. Bring it to Feast and our coordinators, Bijan Farahani and Harold Joubert will collect it.

Online and rolling

The Bahá'í Community of Kingston is now online, with the launch of this new website.

The site will be a faster, more efficient way to share news and announce upcoming events. We're still working out the bugs, so please be patient for a while- and don't hesitate to contact the webmaster if things don't seem quite right.

If you sign up for an account, please use your real name! To protect everyone's privacy, we check sign-up requests against the community membership lists before allowing full access.